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  • Crucial stuff I do want to know… Thanks Nick. I have tried several forms of trying to learn photography basics and this, by far, has been the best!!! Many points are coming across that I couldn’t retain before. Great visuals!Kim, Going Manual student
  • I am shaking with such excitement! The light is now switched on! If you were here I’d kiss you!Kiran, Going Manual student
  • I did it! I did it! I am so loving all this manual stuff! Keep it coming Nick!Donna, Going Manual student

NIck Kelsh is a nationally known photographer and instructor who has published nine books and been featured on Oprah! and The Today Show multiple times. His passion for teaching and helping others, knack for creatively delivering photo tips in easily digestible bites, and inspiring, entertaining style have earned him the following of thousands of scrapbookers and other amateur photographers on his How To Photograph Your Life website, How to Photograph Your Baby Facebook page and popular Basic PhotographyGoing Manual, and Portraits & Lighting and Photo Editing online courses.


Nick Kelsh’s photography instruction and work has been featured in:Logo Collage

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