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About the Subscription and Some Testimonials (Our Favorite Part)

To all my photographer and amateur photographer friends—I love the way this guy teaches!   —Susan

Nick Kelsh! Talented? You bet! Funny? Absolutely!   —Nancy

Nick Kelsh is an awesome photog and offers instructive yet simple and funny tips and tricks.   —Liz

If you love Nick Kelsh’s “How to Photography Your Baby” then you are gonna love this! Nick Kelsh has some awesome photography tips! Check him out!   —Chrissy

Thank you for teaching us the why’s & how’s. I find I am looking forward to reading these every morning! I also really love your Photo of the Day and the Pep Talk segments. You are a true treasure…a teacher, a mentor…all with such enthusiasm & sense of humor! THANK YOU for all you are doing for us Nick!   —Kathy


Nick Kelsh’s Photo Tips is the heart of the How to Photograph Your Life website. If you want to be a better photographer, regardless of your present skill level, Nick Kelsh’s Photo Tips is going to make you one sooner than you can imagine.

I’m going to break down forty years of professional newspaper, magazine, and book photography into easily understandable and entertaining points that make picking up your camera not just inspiring, but fun. I’m going to remind you why we are doing this—we love our families—while simultaneously making sure you don’t take yourself too seriously—spilled milk is actually a good photograph. I know my approach works as I’ve just spent almost two years watching nearly 30,000 Facebook fans and their families grow right before my eyes. (Some of the kids I saw in the early photographs are now a good head taller.) The quality of work I’ve seen there every day is nothing short of astounding and energizing. I know that my keep it simple, keep it fun, keep it inspiring approach works. Of that, I am supremely confident.

As a subscriber to NK’s Photo Tips you will receive five emails a week—Monday through Friday— that will link you to a single photo tip and an accompanying essay that will elaborate on a very basic photo principle or technique. They will all contain photographs illustrating the point; some will contain short video clips if video can make the point better. On Saturdays you’ll receive my thoughts on a quote from a famous photographer or a more inspirational examination of a quote from a famous person who didn’t take pictures for a living but may have been speaking to you about photography without even knowing it. (Helen Keller said the best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.)

Every tip will be archived on the website throughout the year so you can always go back to refresh or re-inspire yourself.

The website is brand spanking new and a work in progress—soon we will have subscriber photo galleries and community forums up and running. But if you take a look around you’ll see that there’s already an amazing amount of content here that is only going to grow like a weed starting in 2012.

I’ve authored nine books. I’ve been on Oprah twice and The Today Show three times. I’ve appeared at the Creative Memories national convention in Minneapolis multiple times—last year 120 of the sales incentive winners got to spend a day with, well, me.

My commitment to you is that I will write and photograph my heart out for you. If you are not completely thrilled and delighted with the subscription we will be happy to return your money at anytime during the year.

As you can imagine, like any new business, we are going to need the support of all of our friends world-wide to help make this site thrive and grow. Please share our link with anyone you think may benefit from what we hope becomes one of the premiere photography websites.

Stay in focus,



And if you need more convincing, some kind words from our friends:

I think just maybe all these tips are helping me to think more camera/photo savvy thoughts! I enjoy the daily tips Nick – thank you!   —Shelly

This website is the best money I could have spent. I am learning so much more then taking a class.   —Mary

This alone was worth the price of membership. Great explanation.   —Donna

This is academy award material. The world needs to see this.   —Aaron

Oh Gosh I have tears streaming down my face. Thank you Nick.   —Sarah

Again, I LOVE the visuals! Thank you.   —Marilyn

The top 3 things I love about this site… 3. Everyday, I learn something that I’ve always wondered about. 2. Love it when you throw in a video or picture to really discribe what your trying to say. 1. The #1 thing I love about this site…each morning I sit for a few minutes with my coffee and I really do laugh out loud…not just Lol… but I laugh out loud!    —Linda

I have to admit…I’ve been on your site for about two weeks now…and what a bargain! I have learned so much already! Thanks, Nick!   —Sue

Great tip! LOVE the pictures to give us a visual of what you are explaining. Great help. This is the best site ever. Thank you so much Nick and your team.   —Sandra

My view is that almost any one of Nick’s daily tips is worth the annual price; then you get the others all for free!   —Tom

If this was the only lesson I received from my subscription, it would have been worth the price! I’ve been trying to figure out the relationship between ISO, shutter speed & f-stops for a long time. I feel like I’ve gotten to the first rung on the ladder of understanding. More please….but in these wonderful bite sized portions! Thank you!   —Amanmda

I love all the daily mini lessons. Your explanations are clear and make sense to me. Thanks!   —Linda

You made a complicated thing so much simpler, Nick! I paid $200 for a photography class just to find out what ISO and f-stops were, and the guy spent 3 minutes on this subject without the visual aids. Now I get it!   —Vicki

Thank you for the easy to comprehend explanation. I need a simple explanation. I look forward to your daily tips.   —Shauna

Wow…this is the first time I feel I’ve REALLY comprehended what ISO is for! You are amazing!!! Just love these lessons!   —Kathy

As a teacher, I totally appreciate the fact that you give us little pieces of knowledge to soak in at a time. Thank you! I look forward to my new tip every day!   —Debbie

Nick, when I picked up a camera a little over a year ago I had no idea I would be working to make a career from photography. I am perpetually hard on myself and always think my photos aren’t “as good” as someone else’s. When you recognized my photos on your show it gave me the hope in my abilities that I needed to keep working. I have a long way to go, but I owe you a debt of gratitude for your kind words and affirmation that have given me the courage to try! You have changed the course of my life forever!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!   —Sophia

I learned something … Again. I am thoroughly enjoying my subscription. The video really brought it home.   —Janelle

Nick…you crack me up! This next year is going to be fun! Thanks for everything!   —Janine

Nick, you are a great writer, in addition to your photography talents. I am so glad you are sharing with us. Who would think that a photography site could be this much fun and full of life!   —Tom

I’m a little put off by terms such as “aperture,” “f-stops,” etc. (which has deterred me from good photography for decades), but am determined to put my toe in the water with your help. It is easy to get lost in the digital photo manual/menu, but one tip at a time may be the ticket. Thank you, Nick for giving us new eyes and potential talent.   —Barbara

You are such a nice guy! Even though I haven’t met you in person, your warm personality comes through!   —Bekkie

Your words are inspirational Nick…. We all know many of these things but need them pointing out to us every now and then….’I remembered that putting a little dent into all of the seemingly overwhelming tasks is the secret of keeping your nose above water.’ This one sums up me at the moment…and I endeavour to follow your words to go forward…as you are doing in a truly leading way…    —Snaphappy

Just subscribed and this was the first tip I went too…just tried it and it is sooo awesome…and easy…I am pumped….like a little school girl…lol   —Elaine

This is so great Nick! I can’t wait to do this!!!   —Susie

Nick, I signed right up. Met you at CM Showcase in MN and have been a long time fan! I have learned so much from you. I can’t wait to tell all my gals at the digital class I teach tomorrow to sign up too! All your fans will share the love and we will watch this grow together. Blessings.   —Veronica

Looking forward to embarking on this learning adventure with you.   —Muriel