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The Best Way to Clean a Camera Lens

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26 Responses to “The Best Way to Clean a Camera Lens”

  • Leslie Beahm:

    I watched this whole thing with my jaw on the floor.

  • Nancy Sanders:


  • Kathy Murray:


  • Mairwyn Curtis:

    Well I not only had my jaw open but I also had my hand over my mouth. I actually griped my lower lip with my hand when that lens went in the dryer ROFLMAO

  • paul meyer:

    I use the same proven technique for cleaning my camera body. No need to detach the lens, just throw it all in together!

  • Lisa Polczynski:

    I could not believe what I was watching… I was thinking April fool’s day is not until tomorrow!!
    I gasped when the lens went in the bucket and then again in the dryer. My kids came running in the room screaming.. “WHAT’S WRONG!”
    Seriously…..How should you clean your lens? This can’t be?

  • Barbara Lynn Culler:

    I was thinking “No way… you can submerge the entire lens?” You got me till you placed it in the dryer!!!

  • Shauna Van Dorn:

    Nick you are such a crazy man, I feel for your wife. :O

  • WOW, so funny..I had to gather the whole family in to watch this one. Can’t wait to see more from the Kelsh Institute!

  • Jeannine Campbell:

    I would like to enroll in the NKI. Please send registration info ASAP!
    I am still howling and going back for another watch. One of your best, Nick. This segment has SERIOUS potential!
    I’m going to wait until tomorrow to share this with all my peeps! Too stinkin funny!!
    Can’t wait until Mischief Night rolls around again!! ~J

  • Jeannine Campbell:

    P.S. the bubbles and sound when the lens was “properly immersed” is my favorite part! OMG!!

  • vikki1972:

    OMG if i laugh anymore this baby will be born right now lol i nearly fell off my chair with giggle, and when you put it in the dryer………….You are the Man Mr Kelsh lol you make our day. xx

  • Lois DuBose:

    Joined the rest with the jaw dropped…took a few minutes to come to reality. You got us good, Nick! I’ll bet things around your home are NEVER dull! Thanks for the humor.

  • Laural Russell:

    HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA snort…hHAHAHAHAHAHA This was great! I kept on thinking “No, he is going to stop soon! , No he isn’t REALLY going to do it. He will stop any moment!” Tears of laughter……. Then when you showed your mom at the end, I had tears of emotion.. That’s what you do – hit us with laughter and emotion! Thanks Nick for being a great teacher and a friend :)

  • Donna Dorworth:

    Get the fudge out of here! That was great! You had me going there for a minute. But then again I’m thinking NO WAY. Then when you tossed the lens into the dryer I said “Nick Kelsh you are a very bad boy”!!! Can I ask that you do a totally serious one on cleaning the camera. In all honesty I think I did damage yesterday trying to clean mine. ): Also you better be careful and on your guard all day tomorrow. Someone is bound to ZAP you!

  • Sarah Watson:

    Wrong!!! SO WRONG!! My heart SANK when you put it into water!! hahaha
    PS I’m blonde…. you ALMOST had me going!! :) :) :)

  • Linda Sammet:

    i’m in NON BELIEF and WILL NOT do that to mine.

  • Sandy Furlough:

    Quilty of a Blonde moment–In defiance I was thinking, “I don’t care if he IS Nick Kelsh I am not doing that to my lens”. Had it figured out when you put it in the dryer. Very good prank!

  • Penny McClintock:

    Okay….how did you fake the lens? It really looked real! I can’t imagine you would use a real lens for this hilarious gag! Loved it.

  • sam hundley:

    Thank you, Nick! Your mom would be so proud.

  • Julie Morris:

    You had my husband in tears of laughter!

  • Kimberley Lackey:

    I never new it could be so simple! :-)

  • Sarah Webb:

    I didn’t get a chance to watch in on April Fools! Very awesome. The sound of that scrub brush totally made me cringe. And of course when it went into the dryer. Yikes!

  • Jeannine Campbell:

    Did you have to blow a perfectly good Nikor lens though? I know you’re all “Canon’d out” and all these days. But that really hurt.

  • Terri Viola:

    Nick, you are a wild and crazy guy. You reminded me of Steve Martin in the movie “The Jerk” when he was walking around in his bathrobe saying “All I need is this lamp”! If you you haven’t seen that movie, you need to rent it. You do look a bit like him!!!! Hahaha…

  • Gail Kreiser:

    I am glad I watched this today and not in the morning:) LOL , Ann I can just imagine what your every day life must be like!